The Snow Queen

Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s epic tale

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A full-company, studio version of Hans Christian Andersen’s epic tale of the struggle between good and evil, magic and love. 

Featuring ice-skating, a Woman who Understands a little of Magic, a street-dancing raven and a talking reindeer, Blue Apple’s unique interpretation of Andersen’s story follows Gerda on her journey to save her friend, Kai, from the ice-cold embrace of the Snow Queen.

A joy to work with

The Snow Queen is one of those classic fairy tales that are both timeless and ageless. With its own peculiar blend of darkness and comedy, magic and mystery, small detail and vast, epic landscapes it remains one of the great feats of storytelling.

It’s seen, primarily, as a tale that Andersen wrote for children – and, indeed, it has had an undeniable appeal, in this genre, for almost 200 years. But, really, to my mind, what Andersen was doing was writing a story that speaks to all ages. 

The story is about that ‘awkward adolescence’; the one that, as teenagers, needs to be confronted, head on. The one, that as adults, we can look back on and think, ‘got through that one’!  

As a story, The Snow Queen has a very simple and straightforward narrative. Kai gets taken away by the Snow Queen; Gerda goes to rescue him; Gerda succeeds. 

But the richness of incidence along the way of Gerda’s journey, the characters that she meets – some comical, some threatening, some helpful, others obstructive – is what makes the story so compelling.

And, through it all, Andersen cleverly weaves a tale of friendship and adolescence as values change and the protagonists grow up.

To do this production with Blue Apple has, as always, been an enormous pleasure. The artistry, commitment, discipline, humour and professionalism of the company remain a joy to work with and, with each successive production, the performance and stagecraft skills continue to grow.

Peter Clerke
Artistic Director

Cast & Crew

Elena Moody - Devil/ Robber
Ros Davies - Gerda
James Benfield - Kai        
Anna Brisbane - Grandmother/ Narrator    
Katy Francis - The Snow Queen    
Katie Appleford - The Woman who Understands a Little Magic / Narrator    
James Ellsworthy - Robber King / Narrator    
Lucy Parrott - Robber Girl
Lawrie Morris - Raven/ Narrator        
Daniel Austin - Hunter
Hannah Lowe - The Princess        
Ryan Nicholas - The Prince            
James Smith - Reindeer            
Tommy Jessop - Lapman / Narrator        
Neil White - Finman 1        
Ollie Yeats-Brown - Finman 2
Daisy Searle - Robber / Finwoman
Andrew Malster - Robber / Snow Army
Emma Rabjohn - Flower / Snow Army
David Hunt - Robber        
Alice Peck - Flower / Snow Army
Katie Cole - Robber / Snow Army        
Jason Kidd - Flower / Snow Army
Polly Troup - Flower
Jocelyn Kirby - Flower / Snow Army
Chris Pearce - Robber / Snow Army        
Michelle Pluck - Flower        
Judith Hughes - Robber / Snow Army
Andrew Hunt - Robber
Natalie Best - Flower
Hebe Taylor-Haw - Flower

All other parts played by the company

Direction & Adaptation - Peter Clerke
Choreography - Jo Harris
Costume & Design - Jenni Sundheim
Costume Assistant - Sophie Whitlam
Production Management & Design - Ben Ward
Lighting Design - Joe Price
Assistant Stage Management - Michelle Pluck
Assistant Stage Management - Chris Pearce
Graphic Design & Snowtography - Richard Williams
Musical Direction - Louise Sarton
Building - Simon Plumridge
Marketing - Jane Jessop



Thursday 12, Friday 13 and Saturday 14th December 2013
The Tower Arts Centre
Romney Road, Winchester